What Lies Within

Her flaws was laid bare for all to see They jeered and snickered She kept her fluidity mimicking the gentle tumble of the sea They kept watching keenly to see her flutter She mustered her strength mimicking the gait of the mountains They pushed and taunted to see her quaver She kept her fire mimicking the flicker of flames They tried one more time to see her wobble She didn’t tumble but kept her stride mimicking the stride of the cheetah Eventually she saw that she didn’t need to imitate;

Picnics are the perfect social setting to unleash your inner lady, it also presents a great opportunity to brandish that full pleated skirt/dress that has been hung up in your wardrobe and not seen any summer love. Listed below is my 7 rules on picnicking Rule 1: If you must wear heels, I will recommend either a pair of wedges or a pair of shoes with a block heel, not only are they more practical for maneuvering the grass, one doesn’t want to look clunky whilst walking as your heels seemingly

A successful birthday trip to Malta last year allowed me to have a new attitude on how I should observe my birthday. My 27th birthday was looming and it was time to seek out a destination  in a bid to mollycoddle myself a bit more than usual. Quick geography lesson: Chania is the second largest city of Crete. Crete is Greece’s largest island. I did a quick Google image perusing, once the suggestion was made to ensure it ticked my boxes of requirement for a truly indulgent adventure this helped to turn any

Spending the day with my blogger friend Luna meant in the natural scheme of things the day turned into a spontaneous photo shoot  Lobster lunch at Big Easy with margaritas ensured we were fuelled for our Chelsea strutting       I have realised over time, that my style is all about being chic with an extra edge, my Zara off shoulder top with a white contrast shirt underneath paired with thigh high boots  and my Zara chunky chain city bag tied the whole look together effortlessly. Zara flower studded chocker gave

Sitting at my office desk, a mail notification popped up on my screen, I had been sent a link for a Eurostar deal for a £29 one way ticket. It was a no-brainer as to which destination I was going to book, seeing as I had only recently travelled to Paris. There was only one advice bestowed unto me by  friends, and it was a day in Bruges was an absolute must! Bags lightly packed, passport and tickets safely tucked away, I was ready to explore. Bruges Medieval town Northwest

Be More…See More (Italy)

The New Year is fast running ahead of itself with the second month of the year already upon us. One thing for certain is that setting resolutions is a pivotal part of how we start the year. In 2016, my resolution was simple and somewhat realistic – to be more and to see more… A friend asked during a conversation what I was going to be more of? my playful response was “to be more fabulous!” 1.To be more patient (a real test of my level of patience,  is when I am

70’s Belle

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Sofia Vergara and Nicole Richie just to name a few of my style icons have further fuelled my lust for flared jeans. For the longest time, I knew I wanted a pair however in true Barbara fashion, just getting a dark wash flared denim wasn’t going to cut the mustard it had to be a different.   I couldn’t believe my fashion luck when I saw this ripped 70’s inspired flared ripped denim trousers on Zara in the sale section at a price of £6.00. I

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that I love putting black and white outfits together. However this time I thought I will have a bit of fun with a checkered pattern. (Hence the pun in the title) I promise it wasn’t just to show off 🙂     I couldn’t help but throw on  my Topshop floral duster jacket for both practicality and warmth     This contrast asymmetric skirt from Missguided was an absolute steal paired priced at £8 paired with my Burberry Cape, gave my ensemble a

Let’s see a show of hands if you have a dress that was bought for a specific occasion and since you wore it on that special day it has been hidden in the dark abyss also known as back of the wardrobe/closet. I mentioned in last week’s post (click here to read it) I meticulously plan my birthday to a tee with what to wear being of the optimum importance. My green and olive tulle dress was one of the 2 outfits  I bought for my 24th birthday celebration to afternoon

Little White Dress

So this year, I turned 26, still 21 in my head… Anyways over the last few months I have come to the realisation who I am has certainly changed. Comparing the version of myself in my early 20s with the late 20’something Barbara there is a significant difference. I will list a few things that are certainly different. My tolerance level has drastically decreased. I no longer have the patience for toxic people, toxic situation, toxic relationships, toxic attitudes, toxic conversation. I simply put on my MJ black studded gloves on and do the moon walk away from all the

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