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The story of the hat; I see a blogger who I am in awe of wearing the hat, immediately I fall in love I know I want exactly the same hat. A few days later I visit my gorgeous friend Vivienne (she has featured on one of my previous post) she was showing me her rather impressive hat collection and she has same hat the blogger was wearing. I become more determined to own the hat because it’s simply gorgeous and incredibly understated. The only dilemma was the shop that

Taking the plunge

This would be my first post and the first steps I am taking towards forging a career in fashion. Where this is headed, I am still figuring out. With One post at a time, I am hoping it becomes clearer as time goes on. Right now I am going to relish the moment and take the plunge so I ask you to seat back, feedback, share and enjoy this journey with me. The photos below were taken in November 2011. It was captured by an old friend who happened to