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Today’s outfit showcases an incredible French designer whose collection I saw firsthand at the Fashion Industrys Insiders. The event was a celebration/coming together of some remarkable individuals within the fashion industry to shed some light on the topic fashion as art form and to provide an insight on the future of fashion. My friend and budding male fashion blogger Edmond Kamara of Cuts For Him, who put together this year’s event, contacted me and asked if I would like to be a part of an exciting collaboration to showcase Rita’s

Best restaurant in London

Trying to find a decent restaurant in London can often feel like trying to find the needle in a haystack. Often we turn to friends for recommendations as it helps save time siffting through a load of Trip Advisor reviews. In upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my new discoveries and some delicious foodie adventure that I have encountered. The aim is to provide a quick review of some of the best places I have eaten in to help you save time and money that can be potentially lost

Identity: we all have it, some struggle with it. One thing is, there’s never denying who we are. We can try to hide it, mask it, own it or express it, it’s what makes us who we are. Hands up if you’ve ever questioned who you are in terms of how others identify you, not simply because of where you are from but how you respond to a certain status quo. I identify myself as being Nigerian however I have often found myself so far removed from certain aspects for

For the love of hats It’s no secret that I love hats! From boaters, cloche, fedoras, trilby, berets, you name it, I’ve got it. Click here to read the post where I styled a cloche hat and here to see how I styled my Laird Hatters boaters hat. There’s something about hats that instantly elevates an outfit, it can take a basic look to something fashionably spectacular. I equate finding the right hat to the feeling of  finding the perfect shoe. My obsession with hats has seen me spend almost 3

It’s no secret that I am really into skincare. I always say “I would rather put the time/money into a good skin care routine than mask problematic skin underneath a ton makeup” When the opportunity presented itself for me to enjoy/review a Hydra Hyaluronic acid shower at Chaelis Clinic in Northampton, my joy knew no bounds! About the clinic Run and owned by the wonderful Lesley Spencer who’s plethora of accolades and degree decorates the reception area. Chaelis prides itself on offering the highest standard of treatment available in skin

The perfect pink dress

Let me tell you about the perfect love affair, the one I currently have with this pink dress. Half drunkenly walking past a street I have walked past several times before in Clapham, I noticed a new shop had opened. Curious I pressed my nose against the window pane and discovered it was a vintage store with a sign on the door reading pop up. I made a mental note to return in the morning and explore the treasure that laid waiting. One of the little pleasures that still exists

About the hotel The Green House is simply a beautifully restored, 32-room Grade II Victorian villa in the heart of Bournemouth. Perfectly nestled between Dorset’s finest blue-flag golden beaches and the ancient mysteries of the New Forest. Sustainability forms the core of the hotel’s ethos so much so that they have been recognised as one of the top “eco-hotels” not just in the UK… but in the world. After undergoing a recent 18-month refurbishment the accolades and awards have been rolling in since it reopened. Rated 4star, this hotel is

Hat to Hat

Ever heard the phrase of having a heart to heart? Today we are going to have a little heart to heart. (Plenty of pun intended with the title) yes I know I’m a literal genius + it’s a “fashion blog” after all not Oprah or Jeremy Kyle! 😂 More often than none, things will test you, make you ponder on the science behind how the human mind works. Eventually you will  only be able to utter words such as WTF. I always say, “we alone are to blame if we

Autumn Style

Winter is around the corner and we are ready! Well at least that’s what I like to think, knowing fully well nothing ever prepares you when winter finally arrives I am focusing on my favourite pair of over the knee boots and an autumn style you can recreate. Top Tip Wearing only two colours at anyone time, is one of the top rules on creating an instantly chic  fashionable look. The olive green skirt is from Asos and the ribbed long sleeve slashed bodysuit from Missguided. Bucket bag is an

A Touch of Velvet 

Looking for ways to spice up your little black dress? The fashionable answer lies in your choice of footwear! A contrast in colour with a play on texture with your shoes will automatically elevate your “lbd” and help you stand out for all the right reasons. I have applied the rules above by styling a sheer silk little black dress with a pair of gorgeous oxblood velvet caged heels from Style Maven. This pair is from their AW17 fall collection in style called “Precillia” The rest of their fall collection

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