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Trying to find a decent restaurant in London can often feel like trying to find the needle in a haystack. Often we turn to friends for recommendations as it helps save time siffting through a load of Trip Advisor reviews.

In upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my new discoveries and some delicious foodie adventure that I have encountered.

The aim is to provide a quick review of some of the best places I have eaten in to help you save time and money that can be potentially lost through making a poor dining decision.

Who What Where

Today’s post is taking you on a gastronomic pan Asian fusion experience.  Mber restaurant conveniently located moments away from Monument Station is an unassuming find.

The Head Chef, Jonathan Villar, has created his own sensational versions of iconic East Asian dishes.

You can expect to find such an innovative twist on a classic Wagyu beef and foie gras burger, tantalising lobster and crab martini, Char sui pork donuts and lots more nuggets of deliciousness.

How I discovered it

I was fortunate enough to be invited over to review the restaurant and I have since visited after my review. What makes it a winning choice is its central location for me is a winner  and guttsy menu which not only  tantalised my tastebuds but left me with memories filled with unforgettable flavours.


‘Wagyu beef & foie gras burger‘

Char-siu pork doughnuts

Soy glazed hot smoked salmon salad

‘Weeping tiger’ fillet steak medallions’

‘Lobster and crab martini’


Recommended for 
Anyone looking for an after work cocktail bar, an intimate after work date night, quiet hideaway for a girlie catch up and a snazzy restaurant for city workers looking for a fantastic restaurant for team dinners.

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