I Am African collaboration with SGTC

Identity: we all have it, some struggle with it. One thing is, there’s never denying who we are. We can try to hide it, mask it, own it or express it, it’s what makes us who we are.

Hands up if you’ve ever questioned who you are in terms of how others identify you, not simply because of where you are from but how you respond to a certain status quo. I identify myself as being Nigerian however I have often found myself so far removed from certain aspects for its culture, idealism and its people. Does this make me less Nigerian? Absolutely not, because genetically I am Nigerian.

When it comes to fashion I would like to think my style has its identity without being pinned down to a certain genre. The beauty of fashion is that any identity/persona can be obtained and mastered. Take for instance someone who’s style genre is relaxed chic, effortlessly glam, boho chic, sporty tomboy etc etc.

About the brand

Owned  by Adetoke Oluwo, SGTC Clothing is a ready-to-wear, lifestyle Afrocentric brand which focuses on making affordable, stylish African inspired pieces available to women of every shape and style preference

SGTC has successfully established itself by the power of clever social media marketing, backed by a loyal clientele of savvy fashionistas seeking one of a kind pieces with colourful eye catching prints. Every piece is versatile, affordable and trendy.

Not only does this brand understand the need of the modern day fashionista, you get one-of-a kind pieces and unique prints which are never repeated once sold out.

Deliveries can be made to any part of the world and is sent via DHL for your peace of mind


The collaboration

I was contacted by SGTC to showcase their SS18 collection. I am wearing in this post Wrap Culotte set, Colour block skirt  and a kimono set. The ready to wear Afrocentric pieces are made in Nigeria and was right up my fashion street. I identified with the brand as I know the hard work it takes to create work which not only compels a movement. The need to never conform and the necessity to break the mold. This was a collaboration I simply couldn’t resist.


Putting my style spin on it 

My aim was to style each piece with different style genre in mind.

Colour block skirt

The colour block skirt was styled with a nod to the modern day woman. Paired with a Zara pearl embellished top and my Christian Louboutin pumps, more was definitely less as the skirt needed to be the main focus in this look

Kimono set

This outfit made it to London Fashion Week SS18 and the sheer amount of compliment I received was unbelievable. With the pyjama trend being very hot this season, I put a sexy spin on with the addition of a lace corset.

Culotte set

By far my favorite and my most accomplished styling to date, more was definitely more. i could imagine a trip to Cuba wearing this entire ensemble. I had a clear direction of what style I wanted to achieve and the stars were aligned. The vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase was a welcome addition courtesy of the boyfriend who has specifically asked to be credited (LOL)


Photo credit 

Images wearing the Kimono set courtesy of Marissa Yesin 

Images wearing the WRAP X CULOTTE SET courtesy of  Hampus Omberg

Images wearing the COLOUR BLOCK SKIRT courtesy of Marissa Yesin

All pieces available to purchase simply contact SGTC clothing through direct message on Instagram!

Shoot location: Stockholm and London


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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