Collaboration with Laird Hatters

For the love of hats

It’s no secret that I love hats! From boaters, cloche, fedoras, trilby, berets, you name it, I’ve got it. Click here to read the post where I styled a cloche hat and here to see how I styled my Laird Hatters boaters hat.

There’s something about hats that instantly elevates an outfit, it can take a basic look to something fashionably spectacular. I equate finding the right hat to the feeling of  finding the perfect shoe.

My obsession with hats has seen me spend almost 3 years trying to find the perfect boaters hat! No surprises it was a Laird Hatters boaters hat that brought my search to an end 🙂

Why I love the brand

I bought a Laird Hatters boaters hat two summers ago and pretty much became a fan of the brand immediately for several reasons, it’s a London brand founded in 2009, at Laird, all hats and caps are hand made for both men and women. The brand is passionate about sourcing the best British cloths and supports British textile manufacturing. A Laird hat evokes a rich English and Scottish heritage, with a modern nuance. The great fabric finishes and rich colour palettes make their head-wear stand out, as well as the wonderful craftsmanship.

On a visit to a Laird Hatters shop, you can be rest assured that you’ll walk away with not only a stylish product also a bit of British heritage.

Outofbarbarasbox X Laird Hatters

One wonderful evening, I checked my Instagram messages and saw a message that Laird hatters would like to collaborate with me as they had recently opened up a new store in Bank, Cornhill in conjunction with the suit shop Yardsmen. I almost fell off my seat, possible exaggeration, I simply squealed in delight and did a little happy dance.. no exaggeration. Let’s just say the universe has a way of aligning itself for magic to happen.

The hat I am wearing is part of the SS2018 collection, crushable Fedora in  Forest Green also available in 2 other colours made with furfelt.

Crushable hats make storing your hat convenient as you can simply fold it away and it still retains its shape on the next wear. Perfect for this fashionista who’s run out of storage space.


Style tip from the fashionable people of Laird Hatters

Fedora: Probably the hat style that comes to mind instantly, it’s a shape nowadays for women and men; sophisticated and dapper. Take the brim as wide as you dare!  There’s a broad range of this classic shape, with varied style nuances. Dress it up or down. Wear with a suit and coat in winter, with jeans and a jacket at the weekend, or pick one of our relaxed country styles. Ladies could wear theirs indoors – glam it up a jumpsuit or with a dress. The world of looks is vast.

Putting my fashionable stamp on it

Styled with a black wet-look jeans from Zara and a Nicole Miller  cocktail dress paired with a steel toe capped patent Zara ankle boots, I felt very chic and ready to take on the minimalist fashionable streets of Stockholm.


Photo courtesy of the talented Hampus Oberg

Shoot location: Stockholm, Sweden


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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