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It’s no secret that I am really into skincare. I always say “I would rather put the time/money into a good skin care routine than mask problematic skin underneath a ton makeup”

When the opportunity presented itself for me to enjoy/review a Hydra Hyaluronic acid shower at Chaelis Clinic in Northampton, my joy knew no bounds!

About the clinic

Run and owned by the wonderful Lesley Spencer who’s plethora of accolades and degree decorates the reception area. Chaelis prides itself on offering the highest standard of treatment available in skin and body rejuvenation.

The clinic is located in the village of Lowick not far Northampton the perfect place for anyone looking for an aesthetic clinic in the countryside with high-level privacy and discretion.

Little bit about the owner

Lesley Spencer who owns the clinic is undeniable incredibly experienced at what she does.

I was thoroughly impressed to learn that she has also personally trained many consultants, surgeons and nurses in aesthetic technology.

Also she has the ability to quickly make even the most nervous client I.e. me, feel completely relaxed.

My pre-treatment consultation included a very detailed explanation of the benefits of the treatment I was going to have, the length of time it was going to take as well as the possible minor side effects of the treatment and the expected results.

My treatment – Plasma BT Hydra + Hyaluronic Acid Shower

First, my skin was cleansed thoroughly.

I was then given a facial shower using a Plasma BT machine. This helps to combat acne, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and skin sagging.

Lastly, a generous slather of Hyaluronic acid was applied all over my face.

The science behind a Plasma BT machine is that it detaches the skin cellular proteins from the connecting links temporarily and makes passage for nutrients from the solution that is applied afterwards to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Regular use of Plasma BT shower encourages skin regeneration, collagen remodelling and elastin production.

Additionally having the Plasma BT shower accelerated the speed in which the Hyaluronic acid absorbed into my face by up to 120times.

Hyaluronic Acid aids skin health and promotes a more youthful appearance. It is also effective for skin healing, hydrating and plumping.

The entire treatment took 30minutes in total, I experienced virtually no pain other than a slight heat/tingling sensation from the Plasma BT machine

After my treatment, I noticed my skin looked noticeably more plump.

I was advised that regularly having this treatment at least once every six weeks should see lasting and long term improvements.

Final Thoughts

Two weeks on from my treatment, I have experienced no side effects and there has been a significant improvement in the texture of my skin and despite what’s been a rather bleak winter, I even noticed a slight glow!

I highly recommend Chaelis Clinic where you are guaranteed to be well looked after by Lesley’s ever capable hands.

To view other treatments offered by Chaelis Clinic as well as pricing information and to book your consultation, visit their website:

*This Review was done on behalf  Luxuria Lifestyle however, all views expressed are fully mine.


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