The perfect pink dress

Let me tell you about the perfect love affair, the one I currently have with this pink dress. Half drunkenly walking past a street I have walked past several times before in Clapham, I noticed a new shop had opened. Curious I pressed my nose against the window pane and discovered it was a vintage store with a sign on the door reading pop up. I made a mental note to return in the morning and explore the treasure that laid waiting.

One of the little pleasures that still exists within fashion, is being able to discover little unique boutiques or quaint vintage shops that sell items that are can usually not be found else where. Sobered up the next day, I marched with purpose to the vintage shop across the road.

The little bell on the door of the shop tinckled as I walked in and I was greeted by the cutest and most friendly Dachshund dog named Bertie.



Carefully colour coordinated rails filled with the most vibrant colours and fabrics lined the walls with beautiful vintage accessories strewn across the shop.

Several minutes of flicking through the items on the rail, I was stopped in my tracks. The most beautiful silk dress, with intricate pearl details around the neck line! I simply had to have it!

I have since discovered a few more pieces to cherish from this same shop and will be uploading a few more looks in days to come. So keep an eye out. Leave a comment below of your favourite vintage shop in London that I might enjoy perusing.

Dress by Viva Soul London

Hat: Laird Hatters

Photos courtsey of ricotoke


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