Hat to Hat

Ever heard the phrase of having a heart to heart? Today we are going to have a little heart to heart. (Plenty of pun intended with the title) yes I know I’m a literal genius + it’s a “fashion blog” after all not Oprah or Jeremy Kyle! 😂

More often than none, things will test you, make you ponder on the science behind how the human mind works. Eventually you will  only be able to utter words such as WTF.

I always say, “we alone are to blame if we allow ourselves to be affected by other people’s short comings”.

“Who we are isn’t what we choose to show people, who we are is what we are when no one else is looking”.

Something happened recently that really made me see the extent to which some people would go in a bid to “get to the top” I understand it’s a cut throat world and some people would stop at nothing.

For a moment I was raging, yes a deep sense of  rage and anger formed inside me. After many moments of channeling my inner zen, the anger turned into pity. Deep heart felt pity. Desperation really makes people do insane and incomprehensible things.

I could have carried on raging, but I would have let myself down and certainly wasted a lot of emotional energy. Instead, I cut my losses and found that the moment I did that, I allowed room for better things to happen. Afterall negative energy only ever breeds more negative energy.

Morale of the story, don’t ever allow any mother fu*ker dull your sparkle.

*Apologies I had to use profanities at the end of this post. It’s the only way I could truly express exactly what needed to be said*

Outfit Details
Hat: Accessories
Top: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Christian Louboutins
Coat: Purchased in Italy


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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