Men’s fashion has always deeply fascinated me. A man doesn’t ever look good by chance, it is usually down to the perfect equation of fit+ cut+ confidence.

I always wanted to do a style collaboration with a male blogger that not only had style, but with someone whose work I genuinely love.

It was a lot of fun and a massive pleasure to have had the idea I had for this shoot brought to life by one of the best.

Within the blogosphere, there are a number of incredibly fashionable men that I have the great delight of following.

However, It’s easy to tell apart bloggers that invests time into fine tuning their work and puts a lot of attention into their craft.

Edmund of Cutsforhim who certainly not only has style but takes great care in the work he produces, is certainly up there with the best in the U.K.

Not only does he know how to style/wear a suit, he has a natural swag about the way he wears his clothes. You can see more of his style on his Instagram page @cutsforhim

On a trip to Italy to see my mother, she insisted that I take something special back to London. I always joke that this dress was my souvenir from that trip to Italy and it couldn’t be more perfect for my first collaboration.

I was delighted to see that the accessory details he chose for his outfit complimented my dress down to a tee. He demonstrated, there is plenty of opportunity within men’s fashion to apply an out of the box thinking when it comes to accessorising.

My Outfit detail
Dress: Tailor made in Italy
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 
Mask: Venetian 
Brooch: accessoriesbyperabeam

Edmund’s outfit
Suit: Reiss 
Tie: Reiss
Shirt: TM Lewin
Pocket Square: Vintage Store Greenwich
Shoes: Poste

All photos by JJJordanphotos

This post is different from the norm and that’s because I have realised that going the extra mile with what I love, wouldn’t hurt. If you enjoyed reading it, don’t forget to suscribe. 🖤


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