Styling Ankara Peplum Top X Madkollection

Hey everyone, today’s blog is a collaboration with a brand called Madkollection. It is made in Manchester brand however the fabric is used, is Nigerian material popularly known as Ankara.
Ankara was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market however it ganared more signicance with the Nigerian market. So production was focused on West Africa.
What Madkollection do well, is that they take gorgeous ankara fabric with gorgeous prints and turn it into pieces that anyone and everyone can wear.
This peplum top I am wearing is from their latest summer collection and the best bit is, you get a tasty discount. Use code: Barbara10 upon check out!

The first look paired with a leather pencil skirt can be worn on date night. Second look would be suitable for brunch date with the girls.

Click Here To Shop My Peplum Top or Here

Visit Madkollection for their full summer collection or their Etsy shop

Use Code Barbara10 for a discount off your purchase.

To see how other bloggers have styled their peplum top click here

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Sonia says:

    Ankara meet chic. Love how you style both look, you
    Covered both evening and day occasions.
    Very nice.

    • barbara says:

      Hey darling, thank you so much. Yeah I was thinking on my feet with the addition of the sash belt and using my accessories to enhance the look. Glad you enjoyed seeing how I styled this. Thanks for stopping by.

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