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Hi darlings, it’s been a moment! I haven’t been away, in fact it is quite the contrary, I have simply been sooooooo busy. Life has been incredibly busy over the last few months, in between trying to consistently slay the gram, be a dutiful friend, a lover to “bea” and an amazing sister to my family. This has in turn left little room for the other love in my life which is this blog.  I have set myself a new goal/challenge to get consistent with the frequency of my posts. I promise this will not be another fashion blog that tries to sell you clothes/shoes you don’t need, it is more of a platform to document my personal style whilst providing some fashionable education/guidance to my audience.


I thought in this post, I should share a quick outfit that I wore to work, I recently started a new job which allows me to wear whatever I want, that in itself is a massive perk, I  left a role that was very client and customer facing this meant a need to be presented in a corporate manner. The good news is that my gazillion amount of clothes that only ever saw daylight on the weekends can now be put to good wearing use, the not so good news is my current role isn’t in fashion. (Says a quick prayer to the universe)

My style has always and will always be “whatever mood I am in”. This outfit is a typical embodiment of my style through and through, playful relaxed and it compliments my body type. I cannot emphasis enough the need to know what suits your body shape and dressing accordingly. I have seen far too many “fashionistas” that dress up as though all the lights were off. Ladies get familiar with your body type and find out what works for it. Not only will this make your shopping life so much easier, it will save you a fortune on clothes that don’t fit and all together you avoid spending your valuable coins on tart!


Outfit Details

Trousers: Forever 21

Slip On Mules: H&M

Tshirts: Zara

Coat: iBlues

Necklace: Primark (Really old)

Sunglasses: Quay Australia


A massive thank you to my wonderful friend and colleague Tanya who helped to take my photos during our lunch break and kept asking when the next blog post would be published.

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Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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