Fishnet tights with denim pairing

Fishnets are a massive trend right now and I couldn’t resist trying my hands on this trend but of course with the added sprinkle of “Barbara”.  It was going to be classic fishnet (classic because of the size of the holes) styled with a few special bits to create the extra oomph that I love my outfits to have.

First look was styled with wet look skinny jeans gave it that biker edgy feel paired with my classic black courts.

So there I was happily minding my own business and scouting for a good location to get some couple of shots with my blogger friend Luna of Swaggaismything. We walked across the street and I spotted  a leather cowboy hat on the window display of a charity  shop in Clapham Junction, both our curiosity were peaked. This was temptation enough to entice us in, the shop turned out to house a treasure trove of goodies.

A black hat that had I had pictured in my dreams stood perched on a display stand daring me to try it on. My will to resist was at an all time low so, I put the hat on. It was the sweetest temptation I had yielded to this year.

Call me bonkers, however I find fishnet tights to be warmer than regular tights, the ones pictured are actually holdups. There are variety of style and hole sizes available to purchase but I love a classic fishnet as they get a lot more cost per wear. Whilst I have chosen to pair mine with denim in both of these looks, you can certainly style yours with a little black dress or an oversized jumper with thigh boots. 

Outfit  detail

Jeans: Oasis
Hat: Thrifted
Sunnies: RayBans
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Poncho: Marks&Spencer
Bag: Zara

Outfit  2

Jean: Zara
Hat: Massimodutti
Shoes: Schuh
Coat: Warehouse
Bodysuit top: Myclosetldn

Which was your favorite, outfit 1 or outfit 2? xx



Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Ashley says:

    Barb!!!!! Hahahaha ur just like me! Sometimes we just find such a good buy and have to have it! I love that! Both look is super edgy and fun which is what I love about you! It’s never dull or boring with u babe… not that I said all that… just gimme both of your shoes. Thank u!!! Hahahha xxxx Ash

    • barbara says:

      Thank you so much hun such massive compliment. Hahaha the only time I am slightly boring is when I go to work. Yet my colleagues still pay me a lot of compliment and I am there looking at them like you should see me on the weekend. Hahaha. I lust for your shoe collection, you have a shoe for every styling opportunity and you always do each pair justice. Love love love.

  2. Love it! I’ll jump on this trend soon. I love how everyone’s been styling it and the way you put it together is really stylish!! xx

    • barbara says:

      Thank you very much Mary. It is so effortless and takes everything from ordinary to amaze balls and the options of tights are endless. From tiny holes to big fat holes, whatever look you want it is out there and it is one trend with endless styling possibilities. Happy styling xx

  3. LaNatria says:

    I must say I love both,BUT THE WAY YOU SLAYED THAT COWBOY HAT GIRRRLLL!!! AND THEN YOU HAD THE NERVE TO GIVE SEXXY , CLASSIC, COOL WITH THE THAT PONCO+WIDE BELT COMBO!!! YESSSSSS! *proceeds to dutty whine You can never do wrong in my book Barbara! You slayed and these looks are all you! Your energy is infectious, speaking of infections I think I am dying.I have a slight cold and I am ready to get my soul right with GOD because I feel my time is near (im being dramatic).I just hope I have enough time left on Earth to slay my new fringe cape before this cold takes me from my earthly home.
    p.s. I got so excited seeing this post I forgot that I had honey mustard on my fingers so now my keyboard looks like a dipping sauce tray..ugh.


    • barbara says:

      Bahahaha with you giving me so much inspo, I felt like Black barbie meets Indiana Jones. You make me laugh soooooooo much and I started twerking reading this comment. Jesus needs to take charge of that cold asap. Counting down to your next post slay 🙂

  4. Biki says:

    These are such strong looks its hard for me to choose my fav, I will choose the last one coz of the fishnet and floral print shoes- I love that clash because its unexpected and that’s what I’m all about. Have a good Sunday hon. Bisous
    Ps Just saw your poncho is from M&S, cooool, that’s one brand that keeps fluctuating with its ‘cool factor’, but goes to show you can get some cool pieces when you style them well!

    • barbara says:

      Oh Biki, M&S is full of surprises and has some of the best pieces there is. I agree the hint of floral also made outfit number 2 my favorite and it meant my shoes finally got some wear after such a long time sat behind the closet. The amount of things I have that I don’t wear is ridiculous. I think it is time for a lot of depoping. haahaha.

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