Lady in a red dress

There she was propped up on in a bar, sat alone a whiskey glass carefully placed in front of her, jazz music floating in the air. Decadently she picked up the glass allowing the aroma of oak and vanilla to carefully caress her senses. To anyone she looked like a lady of the night, mystery surrounded her and had a tale or two to tell. She had a sense of elegance about her but a knowing of how the world works. She was a lady who had seen it all and done it all.

Watching from the other side of the bar was Mr Debonair, he was captivated by the aura that the lady in the red dress had, something about her picked his interest. He was worried that a lady that looked so comfortable in her own space, who seemed like she was all to used to being approached by men who only sought one thing. Her phone rang and she reached for her leather clutch, engaged the caller in a brief conversation, the look on her face was one of concern and uncertainty, she kept thinking to herself all I wanted was one night to just think, one night to be truly alone and one night to be whatever she had appeared to be dressed like. But that phone call was going to change the night she had planned.

She called the bartender over asked to settle her bill, got her clutch to leave, as she got up to drape her fur coat over her red dress, Mr Debonair sweeps across the room and offers to assist her with her coat, she politely declined his assistance but he was persistent, took the coat off her and had her turn round as a gentle man would and placed her coat on her shoulder. He offered to walk her to the door and wait whilst her taxi arrived. She wondered why a man like this would have taken any interest in her, almost refusing his offer to be walked to the door but something about him made her agree. Mr Debonair took her hand like a gentleman would and with a slow and calculated walk they both made their way to the door.

The taxi was waiting by the time they got outside, he knew at the moment he had to tell her otherwise it will haunt him forever. He wanted to know what stories had made her the woman that she was, he wanted to unravel the stories that surrounded her, he wanted to find out what the vulnerability behind her eyes was, he wanted to know why she had to rush off after seeming like she could spend forever on the edge of her bar seat completely encapsulated in the moment she was having. He was ready to let her wander into the night and be etched in his mind as the woman in the red dress. The moment was his to seize or be forever lost, he knew he had but a moment. He let go of her hand, propped her onto the seat of the back of the taxi almost shut the door and at the moment he said what he had being dying to say…. “You look incredible in that red dress”… They held a moment, everything around seemed to have significantly slowed down and all that was, was the moment they both shared.







Dress from Hybrid 

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