Winter Style Diary

Hi lovelies, am  I the only that seem to have blinked and then realised it is almost the end of year?. With less than 26days left, it certainly has me reflecting on what this year has meant to me. I look back with a lot of gratitude and feel incredibly blessed for every single moment. I reflect on what’s been the most adventurous year of my life, the year that very special friendships was made and the year where so much came together beautifully. With every month, I sought and found exciting experiences in a different country. Truly and completely stepping “OUTOFBARBARASBOX”.

Anyways without waffling on for much longer, todays blog post is the first of 4 winter lookbooks. I will show you several ways I make my winter wardrobe go further with clever accessorising and using similar colour palletes.

Buy basic pieces: This would serve the purpose of Practicality and Versatility, this applies for not only for your winter wardrobe; but all year round, you save a ton of money thus building a timeless wardrobe. This incredibly cosy midi dress  from H&M helps me to stay warm and the styling possibilities are endless. Don’t buy thigh high purple velvet boots because they are on trend. Instead, invest in a good pair of leather boots that will not only see you through more than one winter but you could wear with anything and everything. Coats in my opinion should be black, blue, red , grey or camel colour. All power to the woman who wears a white winter coat for the entire season 🙂

Winter Diaries


Winter Diaries

Accessories, accessories, accessories: Using the right accessories help make your outfit a lot more interesting and stylish. Clever use of accessories such as this thigh high knitted socks, fiery red leather gloves and wooly hat. They all add texture and it gives your outfit an element of fun.

Winter style

Don’t be confined to dark colours: We all know it is dark and grey, why not add some colour to your day with your outfit. Colours like olive green, metallic and bright hues are great for injecting a bit a bit of sass to what you are wearing and also because life is to short to only wear black or grey 🙂

Knit dress


Winter Diaries


Winter diaries

Outfit Details

Knit Dress: H&M (Similar)

Knit thigh high socks: H&M

Boots: French Connection (Old)

Gloves: Primark (Old)

Hat: Zara

Coat: Tk Maxx

A massive thank you to my incredible and talented friend Luna aka (swaggaismything) thank you for making this blog post possible with your lens and plenty of patience. Until next time lovelies xoxo


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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  1. Biki says:

    Yo Barbie! There is soooooo much I love about this outfit, THIS is super layering guuurl. The coat, the slits that show your sleeves, the poppn’ red leather gloves, hat…the outfit should so be a scene from a glam movie! X

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