Bikini As Outerwear

I live by the motto serious in front and party at the back. In fashion terms, I could quite easily live forever happily backless. Give me a backless number any day and I will happily slay it

There are so many pieces in the market that focuses on baring your back. Not only is this incredibly chic, it is a look that is forgiving regardless of what time of the day it is. Nobody wears a cleavage bearing outfit before 7pm, well some ladies do, but am sure majority will agree that  itself is a massive fashion faux pas.

Backless outfit do not only give you that extra bit of drama to your outfit but can be appropriately worn by all shapes and sizes and gives you that added bit of elegance, there it is always going to be a win-win.

The one problem that does present itself with this trend, if like myself  you are blessed with a gorgeous pair of D cup baps,  it can be a tad bit precarious to go completely braless.

My solution without having to buy a completely new type of bra is to whip out a bikini top that has some detailing to it.

A good example is one I am wearing in this post, works well as it almost looks like it could have been implemented into the jumpsuit itself.

The key is to choose a bikini top that has interesting detailing on the back, be it crisscross straps, bandeau style or even cut outs. Not only does it help to keep your puppies contained, it will instantly add that extra style points to your outfit whilst creating individuality.

Sadly this rule doesn’t apply if you will be wearing a classic triangle bikini.


Bikini as outerwear





Bikini as outerwear



Bikini as outerwear



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