Be More…See More (Italy)

The New Year is fast running ahead of itself with the second month of the year already upon us. One thing for certain is that setting resolutions is a pivotal part of how we start the year.

In 2016, my resolution was simple and somewhat realistic – to be more and to see more… A friend asked during a conversation what I was going to be more of? my playful response was “to be more fabulous!”

1.To be more patient (a real test of my level of patience,  is when I am waiting for my dinner to be brought to my table!)

2 To be more focused (this blog post has been sat in my draft for 4 weeks which is unacceptable!)

3 To be more exercise inclined (my body has great potential however, the ratio of lifting cutlery to lifting any exercise equipment is 2000:0)

4 To see more places and travel as much as my bank account allows (so far I have managed 3 countries in 2 months)


A lack of planning?

Before 2015 I decided to kick start the other part of my resolution which was to see more, how better to see more than starting the New Year in Italy, my tickets and accommodation was booked without a lot of thought or apprehension nor plans on what we going to see or do. One thing that was clear was that definitely clear in my mind was that seeing the New Year in London wasn’t even an option I wanted to entertain.



Flights and first world problems

The perfect travel buddy came in the form of Sam who is a friend similar to myself in terms of spontaneity and a sense of recklessness in our quest to see the world. Our trip started out with a lot of my liquid beauty products being binned by airport security as I went over the 100ml limit in my hand luggage. This was certainly not going to dampen my mood as I was far too excited to be crossing the borders with the thrill of unknown adventures that awaited plus I was clearly sulking over first world problems. Clinique in duty free soon had me worrying about how my skin will cope.


Italy 1507

We are off



A further delay thanks to Ryan Air waiting on the tarmac to empty out the loos meant we arrived in Treviso over an hour later than estimated. A short taxi ride from the airport to our accommodation soon saw us in the most magnificent modern house with our host Jose, showing us how to with the click of a button open the shutters to reveal an excellent view overlooking the city. The apartment was dotted with incredible artwork and had the perfect balance of technology and art. A proper Italian style breakfast was laid out each morning, with delicious ground coffee to prep me up for a day of sightseeing.

Sun rise

Good morning Treviso

Italy 1517

View in the morning

Italy 1521

Walked to the front room and even more gorgeous

The art all around the flat was divine

The art all around the flat was simply divine

Breakfast with an option of instant coffee or filtered coffee. Yum

Breakfast with an option of instant coffee or filtered coffee. Yum


Things to do

The town of Treviso had a certain lull to it, boasting an array of quaint boutiques, authentic Italian cafe’s for putting up your feet either overlooking the river or a square for shoppers who have grown weary from all the designer clothes shopping. It was clear that this was a town that the discerning Italian holidayed in to get away from the bustle of Milan without compromising on the finer things that they were accustomed to. Treviso also had a lot of churches which kept in tune with the grand churches that Italy is famous for. We spotted a sea food market that was unfortunately closed on New Year Day’s however a supermarket which stocked some of the world’s finest caviare and truffles gave us a lot to oh and ah over. New Year’s Eve saw a street party with live bands on the street and fireworks after the midnight countdown.

5mins walk from the flat

5mins walk from the flat

Treviso at night

Treviso at night


Treviso at day

Italy 1827

Seafood market… Sadly was closed due to bank holiday



Italy 1820





Fireworks at midnight on NYE

Fireworks at midnight on NYE





Even the high street has a red carpet. shopping in style

Even the high street has a red carpet

Venice Venturing

Venice was on my to-see list, it stemmed from a romantic relationship with a certain English gent who we made a pact to see Venice together. This was a few years ago but the romantic picture he painted of Venice left me determined to see it, single or not. This is where my male friend Sam came in handy. Everyone thought I was going on some romantic getaway. Trains from Treviso to Venezia S Lucia ran every 30 minutes and only took only 30minutes. The trains were double decker trains and had charging docks which came in incredibly handy. We set off for Venice on the second day we arrived, coming out of the station was a sight so beautiful neither words nor photos can do justice you simply have to see it in person. I will describe Venezia S Lucia as a beautiful maze with delights and spectacular scenery with enchanting architecture.

Venezia S Lucia

That view took my breath away

Venezia S Lucia

Venezia S Lucia

Venezia S Lucia

Venezia S Lucia Italy

NYE’s Buene Festa translates directly as happy festivities, aka Happy New Year


Taken from the window seat in train








Venice in the day



Venetian mask shop








Food glorious food

From the shops selling  macaroons and meringues with mouth-watering delicious looking Italian desserts stacked high on the window to cafes with wine, prosecco, prosciutto to suit even the most fussiest tastes buds oh and not to forget the endless restaurants offering a carb heaven of fresh pasta dishes and hand spun pizzas with toppings that leaves even the fussiest human satisfied.

Italy 1550









IMG_5860 IMG_6194


Nothing beats freshly made hand stretched dough on a pizza



Fashion/Holiday Look Book

Wandering the streets of Treviso, left me feeling slightly under dressed, the ladies in their beautiful leather boots, gorgeous leather gloves and cosy fur coats certainly give the rest of the continent a run for their money. The typical Italian man wore a puffer jacket and sports shoes. It was a case of spot the Italian man. Although to be fair the suits I saw in the shop windows almost made me want to be a man with a certain budget. Think sharp and sleek

Italy 1852


Italy 1849



Fake or not.. I love it


Night time look

Italy 1785


Italy 1798

Italy 1858

Day time looks

Jeans: h&m Jumper: Primark Coat: M&S Glasses Raybans Smile: Priceless

Italy 1627


Dungarees: Shoes: Jasper James High neck cropped top: H&M



Would I recommend it

Single or in a in relationship you’ll find a lot to fall in love with in both Treviso and Venice. I couldn’t recommend it enough! The locals are friendly and approachable, they even give insiders knowledge on the best places to eat and things to do. If you don’t speak Italian you have no cause to worry as most people understand English and Google translate is your friend for moments when you get stumped. I can proudly say I am now fluent in ordering a bus ticket, saying happy New Year in Italian and I have mastered the fine art of Italian hand gesture that translates as passion for what’s being said.

My spontaneous Italian adventure couldn’t have panned out better, the weather was great, food was delicious, culture was in its surplus and style was everywhere.



Goodbye Venice you’ve been incredible

Where does my next adventure take me…stay tuned xx



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