70’s Belle

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Sofia Vergara and Nicole Richie just to name a few of my style icons have further fuelled my lust for flared jeans. For the longest time, I knew I wanted a pair however in true Barbara fashion, just getting a dark wash flared denim wasn’t going to cut the mustard it had to be a different.



DSC_0766 (1)

I couldn’t believe my fashion luck when I saw this ripped 70’s inspired flared ripped denim trousers on Zara in the sale section at a price of £6.00. I knew instantly it was meant to be. I simply couldn’t whip out my bank card quick enough to complete the purchase especially as it was only 1 pair left in my size.. Fate is real 🙂





Paired with this metallic vintage top and an African fabric (ankara) tied into a turban it was a match made in fashion heaven.





Accessories were kept to my trusted bracelet cuffs with a Primark woven necklace with gem detailing and platform shoes.



On the subject of shopping

Topshop currently have a fantastic selection of little black dresses currently up on their website to suit various shapes and sizes. Not just the borderline anorexic underaged model type of girls. Little black dresses to hug those curves, or a ‘lbd’ to create an illusion of curves  click on this link to head straight to the little black dress section on their website. We all know ladies, when all fails and you are thinking of what to wear? a little black dress never ceases to save the day. You can thank me later 😉

Until next time xoxo




Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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  1. Biki says:

    Hon, this outfit if FAB! As soon as I saw the top, I knew it was vintage. This is 70s realness hon, the blend of texture from head to toe is on point. Its great to see your style going up and up. Keep ’em coming! Ps about those jeans, isnt it great when clothes come to you, and when they come with a 6 pounds price tag, you welcome it with open arms!

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