Dreaming in Blue

Dreams definitely can become reality. One lazy summer night I was having a glass of wine and hanging out with my friend Alex, for the first time, he opened up to me and told me his story. At 25 Alex was living in Romania having dropped out of university. One day he decided things had to change; he dedicated all his spare time to reading books and was self taught on code writing. Fast forward to 6years he is working with the leading global investment bank in the world as a contractor in London. Although incredibly modest about what he does, his story for me was a real eye opener about how dreams can be turned into reality by harnessing one’s passion and clever use of spare time into bringing those dreams alive.
Time plays a major part in any success story but what is made clear is there comes a point when you make a decision to turn a dream into reality or put it in the thrash can of dreams.
This would be the last blog post for 2014, what a year it’s been; my dream is slowly becoming a reality with every single post. Everything in between from working into the early hours of the morning, writing, editing, learning, researching, shopping, pouting for the camera, to waking up in the middle of the night having to quickly jot down an idea, to thinking of witty titles, playing with Word press’s themes and fonts, hassling family and friends to read every post via social media, fb, email. It’s been a steep learning curve
I have come a long way in the last few months and getting increasingly more confident in the woman I am growing into. 2015 hopefully brings even more unique fashion ideas and fantastic opportunities. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed so far, it means everything to me, your comments, likes, clicks and shares keep them coming. 🙂








Have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year ahead xx



Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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