In my every day to day life, I love to break the mould. If I feel a sudden desire to skip as I am walking, I skip. If there’s fantastic music playing in a bar whilst everyone is sat down being proper and formal, I would get up and dance. This doesn’t mean I am not aware of social ethics and the fact there’s a time and a place for most things, however it does mean I am unafraid to live and to feel.
It’s so easy it these days to be boxed up, stick with what we know, or not deviate too far out of our comfort zone. I was out shopping with Victoria and she picked up this pair of metallic 7inches platform shoes. I shrieked in horror as the only person I could imagine wearing them was a fashionista pole dancer. Plus I like my shoes practical and moderately comfortable; this shoe was neither of the two. Also judging by the 11 pairs of almost identical black stiletto high heeled shoes in my wardrobe, I wasn’t to be trusted not to pick up another pair of stilettos. Alas, it was time to break the mould.

Bejewelled boxy top: HM  Size 8 Snake print Skirt: Matalan (soon)  Size 12. Pinned into a size 8 Pyramid metallic bag: Topshop  Metallic platform shoes: Privileged shoes @Schuh size 5

Bejewelled boxy top: HM
Size 8
Snake print Skirt: 10yrs old (Soon) by Matalan 
Size 12. Pinned into a size 8 
Pyramid metallic bag: Topshop
Metallic platform shoes: Privileged shoes @Schuh size 5

The shoe tied in the metallic colour of the skirt and the pyramid bag beautifully and gave the outfit a futuristic feel. Lesson learned; life is too short to be pigeon holed especially when it comes to shoe choices. 🙂



Photo credit: Optic Play


Remember, fashion should be individual and not trendy xx


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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  1. If this post does not show that Topshop and HM are at the top of their game, then I dont know what does! Love that bejewelled top and the shape of the metallic Topshop bag is tres unique! If I tried to walk in those shoes, I would break my neck not the mould as I just about struggle in a midi heel. I dont know how you ladies do it, haha!

    • The High street have stepped up their game and rightly so. Almost to the point. H&M especially excelled themselves this year.
      Haha the reason I was photographed indoors was, I could barely walk in those heels. So I just sat and looked pretty instead 😉 xx

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