24 days to the end of 2014…Depending on when you are reading this blog post, the number of days might have changed slightly. However what’s apparent is the fact 2014 is quickly drawing to a halt. For me it’s almost the end to a chapter of what’s been the highs and lows of a phenomenal year. Today couldn’t be a more a perfect time to reflect and recap on 2014.
Here are a few random facts about my year:
I found my first grey hair (slowly waking up to the realisation that I am no longer 18 at 25)
Changed my hair around 30times. (My hair is my vice plus life is too short to be restricted to one hair cut)
Cried on 3 separate occasions (One of which was tears of joy)
Had my heart broken once (Nothing lasts forever)
Got one very important thing I had been waiting a very long time for (combination of a miracle and sheer perseverance)
Made one bold decision to step out of my box and start a blog (best decision I ever made)
Dined out over a 100times. (Fact according to the calendar reminder on my phone… Apparently I love eating more than I love cooking)
Made some awesome new friends (kisses to Victoria, Maral, Alex and Samira new friends that feel like old friends)
Had 2 major wardrobe clear out (for someone who still wears clothes that I had as a teenager, it was a very much needed chance to de-clutter and refine my wardrobe)
I learnt a pivotal life lesson on how to appreciate the good times and embrace the tough times.
The year has left me feeling like I conquered and defeated the knock backs and moments of doubts. I can almost say I sailed through the battles of 2014 hence why this week’s outfit is called Warrior Princess This is one of my favourite looks so far, It is edgy without trying too hard with added subtle hints of sexy finished a dusting of femininity…Enjoy xx

Channelling my inner zen

H&M embellished jacket: size 10 H&M gold trousers: size 8 H&M burgundy bralette: size medium Shoes: Privileged shoes Body chain: Forever21 Silver Cuffs: Urban Outfitters

H&M 3/4 sleeved embellished kimono jacket: size 10
H&M high waisted gold trousers: size 8
H&M burgundy bralette: size medium
Shoes: Privileged shoes
Body chain: Forever21
Silver Cuffs: Urban Outfitters

Intricate detailing on the jacket made it incredibly easy to style

The intricate detailing on this H&M kimono style jacket is simply beautiful. It is definitely a piece that can be incorporated into various outfits.


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Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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  1. Wow! I love this post and the way the images turned out! It was so much fun styling and directing this for you, Barbara! Xxx

  2. I absolutely love this outfit and the blog is coming together beautifully. From one warrior to another xxxx

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