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First and foremost, apologies are due. I have been MIA… With all the various reasons, the most honest reason is that I needed to take time out to make sure that my next post wasn’t just half baked but current, informative and above all creative in terms of images, content and styling. In the famous words of Mother “what’s worth doing at all, is worth doing well”. 🙂
Everyone knows how easily it is to be stuck in a rut, or a state of mediocrity. This sometimes seeps in to some aspects of our lives. However, the beauty of it all is when you take a bold step to step out of that rut or state of mediocre and challenge yourself to do things a bit differently there’s a shift in your situation.
This was the case with me. The moment I decided that, I wanted to step “outofmybox” which was so comfortable and cosy but not quite as good as I could be. I knew the vision I had for my future blog posts all I needed was the execution. The perfect opportunities presented itself and made all of it possible. My friend Daniel, who has a budding passion for photography, contacted me about the possibility of taking a few pictures for me for the blog. As exciting as it was having my sister and her humble IPhone camera help me take pictures, it does less justice to the outfit on the blog than it does on her screen. Daniel might even say I over stretched this opportunity as he ended up photographing 6-7 different outfits. I say what are friends for? 🙂
On the day we went shopping, it was the launch of Alexandra Wang for H&M… Newspapers, television broad cast and social media were buzzing about the launch. Some of the more popular bloggers were given the opportunity to shop the collection at the Regent Street store the night before the collection was launched to the general public. I would describe the collection as leather, grunge sophistication and several shades of fabulous I immediately knew I wanted at least one thing from the collection when I saw some of the photos on Instagram. Unfortunately with Victoria at work till 5, we didn’t have a chance to hit the shops as soon as stores opened so we literally prayed that the H&M in Westfield Stratford had my size by the time we made it there. One of the downsides to being a size 8 is that it’s usually the first size to be sold out. Alas our prayer worked magic as I found these leather trousers that screamed out my name out in slow motion. 🙂
In between our shopping frenzy, we had to have some strategic shopping tactics i.e. hiding what I was going to buy that was in my size in the men’s department behind a pair of what I thought was the most ghastly parka jacket. I knew no one would notice our “stash” tucked behind the rail of jackets as we briefly nipped into Schuh to find the perfect pair of shoes. (Top tip especially if you are intending on visiting a few shops whilst shopping).

Alexandra Wang for H&M size:8

Alexandra Wang for H&M size:8

In terms of styling… I love to look good but at the moment, without the budget to rival that of Victoria Beckham, even though I have the same level of passion, dare I say, as she does. I had to be sensible. My friend Victoria aka Victoria Styling came to the rescue. This powder blue top also from H&M softened the entire look and added a dash of femininity I tend to play it very safe almost borderline boring with my footwear choices however Victoria, who is the complete opposite convinced me to go with this particular pair of shoes because of the structure and the colours it had. Accessories were kept to minimal as the outfit speaks for itself. These trousers can be dressed up or casual depending on the occasion. A nice burgundy bralette with a black structured blazer and piled on jewellery would look equally as great on a night out. Although for this look, less was more.

Top: H&M Size: 8

Top: H&M
Size: 8

Ring: Primark (at least 4years old)

Ring: Primark (at least 4years old)

Shoes: priveledge @scuch Size: 38/UK 5

Shoes: privilegedshoes @scuch
Size: 38/UK 5


Photography: Daniel Acheampong of Optic Play Hair stylist: Helen Leonard of Minxerella hairstylist Makeup: Ayesha Bowen  Shoot director: Victoria Styling

Photography: Daniel Acheampong of Optic Play
Hair stylist: Helen Leonard of Minxerella hairstylist
Makeup: Ayesha Bowen
Shoot director: Victoria Styling

Moral of the story is if you decide to step out of your comfort zone and step things up a gear… Life finds a way to make it happen… Look out for more exciting posts as it only gets better from here on 🙂 xxx


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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  1. How great that you have friends you can share your creativity with! And you all worked together well as the pics show. I love the mix of textures and shape in your ensemble- looking forward to seeing more! And you are right, its much better to take a time out to perfect your craft.

  2. shennykings says:

    This outfit is everything!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work hun, i absolutely love this…

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    New name new design…

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