Its autumn in the UK, the leaves are dropping and the air is a lot cooler. I am starting to get into hibernation mode, where I stay in, watch lots of movies and eat a lot of food. Winter isn’t my favourite time of the year as no matter how many layers I wear, I still feel the cold. Usually I would play with prints and colours in my outfits, but this time I decided to step “outofmybox” with an all black ensemble. 🙂
I have been caught in the “busyness” of life but the one thing that I simply can’t neglect is finding time for the blog. It’s my little escapism in amongst juggling being a top student, life, catching up with friends and of course being a fashionista 🙂 The most pleasurable bit about blogging for me, is putting the outfit together, the challenge is posing for pictures… Today I had some free time to spare so I cajoled my gorgeous sister to take some photos. Armed with an iPhone she was able to work her magic behind the lens and helped capture some stunning shots.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about ripped denim jeans and I was adamant that I won’t be caught wearing jeans with rips at the knee simply because everyone was wearing it. However when I tried on this skinny black jeans from @vickzinoocollection I immediately was forced to eat my words. Not only is it exceptionally comfortable, it holds my curves in all the right places without being restrictive. I raced to Primark this afternoon in a mad dash to find a cheap beanie as it was the last thing I needed to finish off the look I had in mind.. I am learning that it’s all about the smallest detail





Outfit details:

inner collared top: Topshop

jumper: @vickzinoocollections (size10)

ripped denim: @viczinoocollections (size8)

Ankle boots: Primark (sveral seasons old)

Necklace: peacocks

Beanie hat: Primark

I have roped in a male friend for the next blog post. We will be featuring him in a autumn/winter outfit that I will put together and we will have a special appearance from his adorable pug. So it’s worth subscribing to ensure you don’t miss any of the future posts 🙂


Fashion for me must always contain a mix of individualism, character and an element of fun... My blog is the platform at which I can engage in two of my favorite things I.e. writing and fashion

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